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Greg & Mary Williams

Alumni couple shares their Seton Hall experiences and how, through volunteering, the University remains a part of their lives.

1.  What made you decide to attend Seton Hall University?

Greg: When I started to look at colleges I knew I didn’t want to be really far from home. My father was an alumnus so I wanted to look at Seton Hall. It was the perfect distance from home (not too far and not too close) and I liked the size of the campus and being able to walk around easily. I also liked that Seton Hall is in the Big East Conference.

Mary: I chose Seton Hall because the second I walked onto campus I felt at home. I remember thinking that I could see myself living there. I was offered a partial academic scholarship and the academic program was very strong and Seton Hall had a great reputation but the feel of the university is what clinched it for me.

2.  What is your favorite thing about the University?

Greg: The community feel of the university. The professors always had an open-door policy and were interested in helping us succeed. The priests were right there in the dorms interacting with students (I played racquet ball with the president of the university). The students were always there for each other and really came together as a community. I’ll never forget all of us packing the student center when Seton Hall went to the NCAA championship game my senior year back in 1989.

Mary: The people. I met my husband at Seton Hall and made wonderful friends who are still a part of my life 20+ years later. The amazing thing is that I’ve met new people through some volunteer time at the university in the past couple of years and I feel like they have been friends forever. I feel like we all have a kindred spirit and it makes the Seton Hall community a very special one.

3.  How did your experiences at SHU help you in your professional endeavors?

Greg: I didn’t realize at the time how well-respected Seton Hall and the Stillman School of Business were. I earned a B.S. in Business with a concentration in Management Information Systems and, when I started interviewing for jobs, everyone I interviewed with was very impressed that I had a degree from Seton Hall. I have worked for several large companies as a computer programmer and I feel that Seton Hall prepared me well for not only my career as a programmer but also for the business world in general.

Mary: I got a great education at Seton Hall. I earned a B.S. in Math with a minor in Computer Science from the College of Arts and Sciences and am employed as a computer programmer/analyst for a broker dealer/registered investment advisor. I think the most important thing I learned was how to think and how to apply what I know to new situations. Creativity, discussion and open-mindedness were always encouraged at Seton Hall and I think these things have helped me to succeed.

4.  In what ways do you stay involved with the SHU community as alumni?

We volunteer with the Seton Hall Admission Resource Program (SHARP). We come up to the University to meet with prospective students and families at Open Houses and we have represented Seton Hall at college fairs and phonathons. We also like to get to a couple of basketball games when we can.

5.  Any advice to alumni who may be on the fence about getting involved?

Greg: Getting involved is a great way to get back to campus and see all the new things going on. I feel like Seton Hall helped me in a lot of ways and I wanted to volunteer as a way to say “thank you” and to give back.

Mary: Yes – definitely do it. You’ll meet a lot of great people and you’ll enjoy being an active member of the Seton Hall Community. You will be able to donate your time as your schedule allows because there’s never any pressure to do more than you’re comfortable with. You’ll love being back.

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