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Rome Study AbroadTwenty-two students from Seton Hall University have been living, eating, learning and walking through the eternal city of Rome these last six days. As part of the University’s Core Curriculum, these Seton Hall students are taking a three credit course titled, “Foundations of Christian Culture: Rome,” while spending their Spring Break in the beautiful country of Italy. Despite the jet lag, the students have adapted well. Places like the Colosseum have not only become landmarks for navigation, but are nonchalantly referenced to many times throughout the course of a day.

The course they have been taking delves into the history of Christianity and its emergence, trials and ultimate expansion in the ancient pagan world. Along with learning about the great figures involved with Christianity like St. Peter, St. Paul and Constantine, the students have been visiting the major basilicas throughout the city of Rome. Today, the students ventured outside of the city’s walls to visit the “Basilica di San Paolo fuori le Mura,” or St. Paul Outside the Walls. Being able to see the sarcophagus of St. Paul and a piece of the chain that is believed to have bound him was nothing short of incredible.

The students still have two full days left in Rome before returning to America on Saturday. They intend on continuing to question and seek answers as much as they can, soaking up the history and culture of this amazing city, in order to implement what they have learned in their studies back home.

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