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Ryan Walter“Your thoughts influence your beliefs, your beliefs influence your actions and your actions define you and your destiny.”

This simple, yet powerful, statement summarizes the message and impact Ryan Walter left on the students of the Leadership and Development Honors Program. 

On Friday, January 27, the Honors Program students had the privilege of welcoming Ryan Walter to Seton Hall University.

Ryan Walter is a Stanley Cup winner and currently serves as the President and CEO of the American Hockey League’s Abbotsford Heat. He is the author of five books, including the newly released, Hungry! Fueling Your Best Game. Mr. Walter has dedicated his life to helping others succeed. He has a Masters in Leadership and Business and continues to speak and teach around the world. Mr. Walter has a vibrant career that includes coaching, acting, broadcasting, writing and winning a Stanley Cup.

In his visit to Seton Hall University, Mr. Walter came to talk to the students about leadership and personal development. He shared inspirational anecdotes and personal lessons that he hopes will inspire and motivate other students to pursue the right attitude and make the right changes in their life. Mr. Walter stated that the most basic foundation determining one’s success is one’s thoughts. He explained that the number and quality of thoughts one has per day impacts one’s actions. Therefore, he emphasized that it is crucial for one to be aware of the attitude, thoughts, energy and statements one generates, as it most certainly will affect their destiny.

As a member of our Leadership and Development Honors Program Advisory Council, Mr. Walter was very glad to have the opportunity to visit the honors students. He admired the focus and motivation that was instilled in the members of the program. Overall, the students also had a great experience and look forward to furthering their relationship with Mr. Walter, a wonderful motivator and mentor.

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