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A Study to Analyze Walking Patterns
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The Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences, Department of Graduate Programs in Health Sciences is looking for independent community living adults 65 and over to participate in a study that will analyze walking patterns on incline ramps and level ground while dual tasking (doing two things at once). During this study valuable information will be gained about strength, joint motion, balance and their contributions to walking. Ultimately, this study will provide information on possible determinants of instability while walking, particularly on inclines and doing dual tasks.

  • Research will be conducted here at this facility.
  • Participation in this study will only require approximately 90 minutes of your time.
  • Individual appointment times will be made for each participant to minimize waiting.
  • Participation in this study is completely voluntary.
  • A coding system will be assigned to each participant to assure anonymity.

Eligibility (inclusion) requirements:

  • You must be 65 years or older.
  • You must be able to walk independently in the community and not live in a nursing residence. For the purposes of this study an independent community ambulator is defined as anyone who can walk outside their own neighborhood but within their own town without use of an assistive device or aide from another person (which is identified by the minimum score of 16 on Level 4 of UAB-LSAF).
  • Each subject must be able to complete a demographics form and sign a consent which will serve as a cognitive screen. After they read the consent form, it will be re-read by the investigator for clarification. In addition, each subject will be asked three questions that will confirm their understanding of the study while demonstrating appropriate cognition.

Exclusion criteria include:
  • Any limitations or difficulties with walking or use of their arms.
  • Any recent history (past six months) of trauma to the lower or upper extremity including fractures, sever sprains or fusions.
  • Use of orthoses, assistive device or aide from another.
  • Visual or vestibular dysfunction resulting in decreased balance.
  • Any person who resides in a nursing home will not be eligible to participate in this study.

For more information on participation in this study and to schedule a time for testing, please contact Genevieve Pinto Zipp, PT, EdD at (973) 275-2457 or

For more information please contact:
Genevieve Pinto Zipp
(973) 275-2457


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