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Compete to Win Prize Money to Launch or Expand a Business
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Pirates PitchDo you have a great business idea? Enter Pirates Pitch and compete for more than $5,000 in prizes!

Do you and your friends dream about becoming the next Google guys? Are you itching to launch a business that may one day rival Facebook? Perhaps you’ve already started a new venture and are seeking advice and funding to get your business to the next level. Well, step right up and enter Pirates Pitch, the 2nd annual Seton Hall University Venture Fund Competition. The contest will award over $5,000 for the most innovative business ideas.

Pirates Pitch is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Seton Hall University.

To enter, students acting alone or in teams of up to five students need to submit an original business idea, outlined in a two to three page executive summary, along with an Intent to Compete Form, by the January 20, 2012 deadline. Students who have already started a new business are also eligible to enter Pirates Pitch.

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies will hold two information sessions on the Pirates Pitch contest: Tuesday, December 6 and Monday, December 12. Both sessions will be held at 8:30 p.m. in the Entrepreneurship Center on the fifth floor of Jubilee Hall. All interested students are urged to attend.

Contest Background:
There are three rounds. In the first round, a panel of outside judges, comprised of successful entrepreneurs, will select 10 semi-finalists. In the second round, the 10 semi-finalist teams will each make a five minute pitch to the judges, who will then select the five finalists. In the third round of the contest, the final five teams will submit detailed business plans, and make 10 minute presentations to a panel of judges on Pirates Pitch Day, scheduled for April 18, 2012.

The winning team will receive $3,500 in prize money, and the runner-up team will receive $1,500.

For more detailed information and key due dates, visit the Pirates Pitch website »

For more information please contact:
Susan Scherreik
(973) 275-2251


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