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Publication of the New Issue of The Lonergan Review
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The Bernard J. Lonergan Institute at Seton Hall University announces the publication of the 2011 volume of The Lonergan Review. This volume includes: “The Charism of Bernard Lonergan (John Haughey)," “The Rhetoric of Newman’s Apologia” (Cyril O’Regan)," “Insight and Oversight in William Blake” and “Morality, Religion and Sam Harris” (Hugo Meynell), “Is the Universe on Our Side?" (Patrick Byrne) and “The Theology of the Holy Spirit” (Peter Beer).

The volume also includes a number of articles related to Lonergan’s economics: “Implementing Lonergan’s Economics” (Philip McShane)," “Becoming Social Entrepreneurs” (Elizabeth Garlow), “Lonergan and the Antigonish Movement” (Darlene O’Leary), “The Community of Sant’Egidio” (Andrea Bartoli), “Integration” (Paul LaChance), “Benedict XVI and the Economy” (Charles Murphy), “The Church and the African City,” (Gerard Whelan) and “The Meaning of Work,” (William Toth). The volume also includes Bernard Lonergan’s letter of 1982 to Jane Collier explaining the genesis of his thought on economics:

"In the late twenties I was a student of philosophy at Heythrop College then near Chipping Norton, Oxon. Fr. Lewis Watt taught the course on ethics and published a book on Capitalism and Morality (Cassell). It alerted me to the danger of “intelligent self-interest” coming to mean in economics the equivalent of Realpolitik in affairs of state."- Bernard J. Lonergan

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