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First Lonergan Institute Summer Research Fellow Appointed
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Summer 2011 marked the launch of the Bernard J. Lonergan Institute’s Summer Fellowship program. The first Summer Fellow, Gregory Floyd, is a Ph. D. candidate at Boston College working in Contemporary Philosophy of Religion and Lonergan Studies. He is interested in the possibility and nature of philosophic discourse on God. During the 2011 Summer Fellowship, Floyd researched an evolution in Lonergan’s thinking regarding the import of phenomenology as a philosophical method.

The Lonergan Summer Fellowship at Seton Hall University is an opportunity for young scholars to devote a portion of the Summer months to the study and advancement of the thought of Bernard Lonergan through an affiliation with the Lonergan Institute on campus. Each year, the Lonergan Summer Fellow is awarded a stipend and assists in the day-to-day academic and administrative tasks of the Center. Included among these are the editing and production of the annual Lonergan Review, a peer reviewed and internationally acclaimed academic journal. Additionally, Lonergan Summer Fellows also occasionally facilitate small Summer workshops for others interested in Lonergan’s thought. Finally, as part of the Fellowship, a significant portion of time is allotted to Lonergan Summer Fellows to devote to their own independent research and scholarship, for which they have access to the bibliographic and faculty resources available through the institute. For more information »

About The Center For Catholic Studies
Seton Hall University’s Center for Catholic Studies is dedicated to fostering a dialogue between the Catholic intellectual tradition and all areas of study and contemporary culture. To that end, it sponsors an undergraduate degree program for students, focusing on interdisciplinary studies, with opportunities for community, service, scholarship and foreign study. The Center is the home of the G.K. Chesterton Institute, the Bernard J. Lonergan Institute, the Micah Institute for Business and Economics and their publications. The Center offers study and research, as well as an ongoing program on faith and culture, social justice, business and the economy for audiences world-wide.

About The Bernard J. Lonergan Institute
In November 2006, the Center for Catholic Studies at Seton Hall University launched the Bernard J. Lonergan Institute, dedicated to the study of his ideas and their application in contemporary culture. The Institute is directed by Monsignor Richard M. Liddy and contains: all of Lonergan’s published works; copies of his most significant unpublished writings; doctoral dissertations on Lonergan’s work; the most significant secondary literature on Lonergan; and Lonergan’s “memorabilia,” including letters and photos housed in a display case. In addition to ongoing research and scholarship, the Institute coordinates the Bernard J. Lonergan Annual Student Development Awards, faculty and student reading groups and the publication of the internationally acclaimed journal - The Lonergan Review.

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