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AAHD Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
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AchievementThe American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) strives to contribute to national, state, and local efforts to promote health and wellness in people with disabilities and identify effective intervention strategies that reduce health disparities between people with disabilities and the general population. AAHD accomplishes its mission through research, education and advocacy at the national, state and community level.

In 2009, AAHD created the AAHD Scholarship Program, which will support students with disabilities who are pursuing higher education. Preference will be given to students who plan to pursue undergraduate/graduate studies in the field of public health, health promotion, disability studies, to include disability policy and disability research.

Scholarship Program Criteria

  1. Applicant must be enrolled full time in an undergraduate school or part time in a graduate school
  2. Applicant must have a documented disability and provide documentation of their disability. 
  3. Applicant must be a US citizen or legal resident living in the US

Application Requirements »

  • Application
  • Personal statement (maximum 3 pages, double spaced), including brief personal history, educational/career goals, extra-curricular activities, and reasons why they should be selected by the AAHD Scholarship Committee.
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Official copy of college transcript

Want more information?
Visit the scholarship page on the AAHD website »

Hurry -- Applications are due November 15!

For more information please contact:
Danielle Brooks
(973) 313-6003


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