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Don’t Sweat Your New Year’s Resolution
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TreadmillIt goes without saying that as soon as New Year’s Day arrives, the gym is packed with those addicted to making weight-loss resolutions but not addicted to retaining them. Dr. Vicci Hill-Lombardi, a seasoned athlete who has competed in two marathons and four half-iron triathlons, knows just the right tips to turning those resolutions into realities.

  • Ask yourself if your goal is weight loss, fitness or both.
  • A realistic weight loss goal is no more that 15% of your current body weight and is more easily attainable with a good diet plan combined with increased activity level. 
  • Begin an exercise plan (if okay with your physician) that is interesting and fun to you. Be sure to start out slowly and build up gradually. For example, if you’ve never ran more than 5 miles in your life, don’t expect to be able to do so right away. Start out walking, then walk with intermittent bouts of jogging for a few minutes at a time, gradually increasing the time spent jogging and decreasing the time spent walking. 
  • Join a gym to have easy access a vast array of equipment and the expertise of the staff. Variety of exercises and intensities will help to stimulate fitness gains. 
  • Find a workout buddy. You’re less likely to bail out on your fitness plan if someone else is depending upon you. 
  • Invest in appropriate workout gear. This includes footwear, tops and bottoms. 
  • Be sure to rest adequately and reward yourself for your achievements – no matter how big or how small!

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