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Insider's View: Berlin Internship
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Wiebke BalckeI completed an internship at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) in Berlin, Germany. We were planning and preparing an event. The goal was to bring together professionals of all ages from around the world to learn about and discuss cultural diplomacy. Tasks I worked on included searching for possible speakers, contributing ideas about specific topics that could be discussed at the conference, as well as writing and translating invitations and flyers for participants and possible event sponsors. Another big part of my job was marketing. I was able to experience life as a professional in the city.

In addition to our own work, the other interns and I attended lectures and panels from programs. I really enjoyed the variety of issues and the professionalism of the speeches. One of my favorite experiences was listening to the former Interior Minister of Afghanistan, the Head of the Operations Section and the Operations Division of NATO, and the former President of Latvia talk about culture, globalization, and international relations.

I also was able visit to the EU Commission and the German Foreign Ministry. Having the chance to meet a representative from the German Culture and Communication Department was especially significant for me, as I hope to get an internship there next summer. I am currently pursuing a career in the German Foreign Ministry, and I hope to learn more about their work by doing an internship there.

I worked with a very interesting and exciting team of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, composed of interns from eight countries. Everyone spoke at least two if not three or four languages. I learned a lot about the careers other students my age are pursuing, and I became interested in a few Masters Programs I plan on looking into. It was a great experience to work with an international team, and I am positive that I will benefit from it throughout my career.

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