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Mie-Na Srein

The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation was established in 1962 after Dag’s death in an attempt to “…further promote peace and development in the world.” In the simplest of terms, the DHF is a small, idea-based foundation that holds seminars and lectures, and produces publications. This increasingly takes place within the context of global governance, human security, development, democracy, and human rights.

While all the preceding facts about the DHF are true, they simply do not do justice to how special the organization is. The people who work there are warm, laughter-loving, and highly-intellectual. They conduct constructive dialogue with fierce conviction, true open-mindedness, and deep purpose. The DHF stands steadfast in active commitment to continue the legacy of Dag Hammarskjöld, ensuring that all of its actions are rooted in the most precious value: love and respect for human life.

The work I completed with the Foundation and the conversations I participated in,afforded me a truly extraordinary experience that enriched my life deeply - both professionally and personally. I can briefly summarize two particularly important “take-aways.” The first is an understanding of how imperative ‘true’ dialogue is, which the DHF has demonstrated is the capacity to share one’s ideas and convictions while exercising a genuine willingness to listen to another’s. The second is more of a confirmation of something I had already come to believe: that the values of love and ‘otherness’ must always remain the motives in a life of public service. Anything less is a compromise.

The DHF left an indelible impact on me, helping me to become a better ‘thinker,’ garner more courage to share and voice my opinions, and remember that reflecting on my personal motives is very important. In sum, the experience has been a blessing in shaping my trajectory as a future public servant.

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