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Emily Pease: Salgo Noren Internship
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Emily PeaseMy summer internship was an invaluable experience that afforded me the opportunity not only to gain relevant career skills, but also to expand my knowledge of my region of interest; the Middle East. I spent the summer working with a fantastic non-governmental organization in New York called the OneVoice Movement to End the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The summer started off with a tragic Gaza flotilla incident and ended with a renewal of Peace talks between Israel and Palestine. Needless to say, it was a crucial time for an organization, such as OneVoice, that strives to empower the moderate Israelis and Palestinians who are in favor of a peaceful two-state solution to the conflict. Through coordination of our offices on the ground in Ramallah and Tel-Aviv, we struggled to reinvigorate a conflict that seemed stagnated and without hope.

The most exciting part of the internship this summer was my involvement in kick-starting the “Imagine 2018” initiative, which encouraged Israelis and Palestinians to envision the future in the year 2018 in two ways – if the conflict is resolved and if it persists. Challenging them to examine the possibilities for the future served as a powerful motivating factor for these citizens to take an active role in shaping what Israel and Palestine will look like for future generations.

Specifically, as their Development intern, I not only performed grant research and proposal writing, but also drafted letters and brainstormed other funding possibilities to help the efforts of our youth leaders spreading the moderate message on the ground in the region. The most exciting development was securing Sir Paul McCartney to participate in a major fundraising event in New York this February.

I have learned a lot about the nuances of the conflict in Israel and Palestine through this internship as well as gained important grant writing and research skills. I am confident that my experience at OneVoice has better prepared me to continue to work on conflict resolution in the Middle East. After graduating in May, I aspire to work either as a public servant or as a participant in a think tank on Middle East policy analysis.

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