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Summer 2010 Internship with Senator G. Lugar and SFRC
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Margaret DoughertyFor my Senior Leadership internship, I worked in the personal office of Senator Richard G. Lugar and in the office of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The internship program was a rotation program with one week in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and then two weeks in the Personal office. While working on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I worked with Senator Lugar’s staff on the minority side of the committee. My tasks included preparing testimonies and questions for hearings, performing research projects for committee staffers and attending committee meetings. The most memorable moment I had while working on the committee was attending a briefing with the State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking In Persons regarding the annual Trafficking In Persons report. I had the opportunity to meet the head of the department and discuss the issue I am most passionate about.

While working in the Personal Office of the Senator, I was charged with a variety of duties which varied from legislative work to customer service for constituents. My two favorite projects while working in the personal office were given to me by staffers who I had built a working relationship with. The first project was to read reports regarding climate change and its effects on U.S. National Security and present my findings to senior professional staff members. The second project was to write a co-sponsorship request for the Senator for a bill regarding the Financial Reform bill. After drafting my request, the Senator agreed with my arguments and agreed to co-sponsor the bill.

My internship with Senator Lugar and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee provided me with valuable experience in the governmental sector. Through the relationships I built with staffers and other organizations, I have established strong connections in numerous organizations I would be interested in working with in the future. Additionally, the Senator and his staff have promised to assist me in any way possible in achieving my goals. I was honored to have worked in both Senator Lugar’s Personal Office and in the office of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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