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Integrity and Professionalism Scholarship and Prize Recipients
“Always to be the best and distinguished above others.” I quote from Homer’s Illiad and these words aptly describe the following scholarship and prize recipients.
As you read through this list, you will learn the names of the many talented Stillman students who have made their marks on this great community. They have distinguished themselves in so many ways, and, in so doing, have helped to advance the Stillman learning environment. We extend a deep sense of gratitude to the Stillman faculty who have devoted hours upon hours to provide the very best educational experience for our students. We also are so appreciative of the families of our students who have provided them a base of values and love of learning upon which we have been able to build.
Congratulations, again, to the students and faculty whom we honor. Their will to be the best further inspires us to continue to be our best.
Karen E. Boroff, Ph.D.
Academic Integrity Competition
Aaron Pickus
Francesco Muoio
Alison LaChac
Dr. Gerald Buccino Scholarship for the Class of 2010
Michele Russomanno

Stillman Graduate Hooding Competition
Robert Mansuetto
The Shopping Benefit Scholarship
Angela Mattis
Aaron Pickus
Kristal Batanjany
The Vincent Cestone Scholarship
First Prize: Paul Synan
Second Prize: Kurt Spohn
Honorable Mention: Michael Varano
Excellent Adjunct Professors 2006-2007
Brian Condon    
Matthew Geibel   
Brenda Koechling   
Lee Miller    
George Nebel   
George Priovolos   
Alpha Kappa Psi 2006-2007 Teacher of the Year Award
Professor Susan A. O’Sullivan, Esq.
Dean’s Advisory Committee
Jillian Bernardo     
Rachel Sanford
Albert Cooley   
Matthew Creange   
Martha Espinoza   
Christopher Lo Sapio
Colleen Brooks
Sonia Singh
Peter Touhill
Matthew Walters
Jacinda Wesolowski
Outstanding Senior Assessment Award
Christina Bruscia  
Joseph Dina   
Robert Horowitz  
Joseph McGrath
Matthew Rivers
Danielle Steinseifzer
Senior Assessment Honorable Mention Award
Hunter Caputo                        
Geremy Farrell  
William Kadi
Marisa Nuhic
Joseph Small
Outstanding Sophomore Assessment Award
Michael Finck   
Christopher Jobe  
Eric Mikos
Christopher Sandor
Frank Valente
Mills Prize for Academic Excellence
Amanda Sakowski
Tiffany Rodriguez
Michele Russomanno
Shaun Maloney
Dahlia Safar
Joseph Genova
Alison LaChac
Marta Kowal
Accounting Endowment Scholarship 
Andrew Fiorenza
Drew Pulitano
Charles Weiss Scholarship 
Joseph Genova
Alison LaChac
Joseph J. Carroll Scholarship 
Kevin Van DeMark
Klein/Fein Scholarship 
Victor Rios
Matthew Geiger
M. L. Sullivan Scholarship 
Nicholas Cirillo
John Verdonck
RJR Nabisco Scholarship 
Joseph Cancillieri
Adam Hackbarth
Dr. Phil Phillips Memorial Prize 
Cadet John Lunieski
Seton Hall University Economics Scholarship 
George Bruk
W. Jack Jordan Memorial Scholarship 
Felix Tuccillo
First Fidelity Work-Study Prize
Maura Lund
Robert Marrone
Dahlia Safar
Douglas Rolwood
Jennifer Arsego
Joseph DiCara
Matthew Creange
Patrick Flower
Mutual Benefit Life Scholarship
Joseph Emmolo
Stephen Sweetman
Charles Bruno
Danielle LaBruno
Marta Kowal
Heta Korpivaara
Albert Cooley
Robert Yost
Michael Bellom
Robert Yelenak
Tamyra Hunt
Brian Nelson
Truncale Scholarship
Kathy Masbang
Shaun Maloney
Christopher Monahan
Kimberly Harry
Kevin Marshie
Patrick Savoia
Craig Franchetti


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(973) 761-9013


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