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Charles G. Koch Charitable Grant Advances Study at Stillman
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Kurt W. Rotthoff, Ph.D. An $11,000 grant from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation to the Stillman School of Business was used to advance the study of economics and liberty through a spring 2010 course offered by Kurt Rotthoff, assistant professor of finance. The course, titled Economics and Liberty, explored topics of economics, politics, and their combination in the political economy. 

The grant enabled several high-level economists to participate in the course and deliver lectures about contemporary issues in the political economy. Economists included James Otteson, Ph.D., of Yeshiva University, an expert on Adam Smith; Angela Dills, Ph.D., of Wellesley College, an expert on education and crime; Patrick McLaughlin, Ph.D., of the Department of Transportation, an expert on environmental economics; and Bruce Yandle, Ph.D., an expert on the political economy.

“The grant from the Koch Foundation helped make this course extremely successful,” said Rotthoff. “In addition to underwriting speaker expenses, the funding provided fellowships for four students to continue their academic pursuits.”
Two of the fellowships will be used for academic research and two will be used by students to attend graduate school this fall. Rotthoff added, “The Koch foundation has also helped in placing class participants in the Koch Internship Program and the Koch Associate Program. The foundation's generous support has provided great opportunities for our students.”
About the Foundation
The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation was established in 1980 by Charles G. Koch, chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. The mission of the foundation is to advance social progress and well-being. The foundation primarily supports research and education programs that analyze the impact of free societies, in particular how they advance the well-being of mankind.
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