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Whitehead School Delegation to Investigate African Union
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evb_ab_jm_lalibela2The Whitehead School is pleased to announce its first African Union Study Tour will depart the U.S. on June 7, 2010. During this 10 day summer seminar, alumni and current student delegates will gain valuable insight into the nature and scope of conflicts and conflict resolution in Africa while examining the roles played by the African Union and the U.S. View pictures of the preparatory trip taken by Dean Menzies, Dr. Bariagaber, and Dean Bakes »

The African Union Seminar course DIPL 2114/6710, taught by Dr. Assefaw Bariagaber, will examine conflicts in the Horn of Africa, Political, Economic, and Health Dimensions of African Security, the role of the AU, NGO’s and International Organizations in Africa, as well as U.S. security interests in Africa. The group will receive briefings and participate in panel discussions with AU officials, AU Peace and Security Council officials, U.S. Mission to the AU officials, U.S. Embassy officials, Addis Ababa University faculty and organizations such as Oxfam International, the Center for Citizens Participation in the AU, the Institute for Security Studies, the Economic Commission for Africa, and AFRICOM.

This tour will be based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s cosmopolitan capital city, headquarters of the African Union and home of not only the largest open marketplace in Africa, but also Lucy, the first humanoid. From Addis, the delegation will travel to the home of the Emperors and their castles, Gondar, located in the Simien Mountains. They will visit the ancient holy city of Axum, the home of the Arc of the Covenant and 2000-year old obelisks; and Lalibela, often called the 8th wonder of the world, with its sculpted churches built directly from the living bedrock of the earth. The tour will also include a one day stop in Egypt to explore Cairo, the great pyramids, and the Sphinx at Giza.

For more information please contact:
Elizabeth Bakes
(973) 275-2560


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