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A Celebration for The Seton Hall Sports Poll
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On Thursday, November 30, the Stillman School held a dedication ceremony and reception for the Seton Hall Sports Poll Conducted by The Sharkey Institute. Thomas J. Sharkey ’54 and his wife, Ruth Sharkey, were honored for their financial generosity to the School of Business Center for Sport Management. Thomas Sharkey is currently vice chair of the Board of Regents and chair of Ever Forward: The Seton Hall Sesquicentennial Campaign. In his role with the campaign, Sharkey has personally committed time and resources to ensuring that the campaign achieves its $150 million goal.    

In addition to the Sharkey’s financial support of the Seton Hall Sports Poll, they are supporting additional University initiatives including a professorship, Honors Program, Visiting Diplomat, Endowed Scholarships for Arts and Science Undergraduates, and the Richie and Sue Regan Endowed Fund for Athletics. 

Father Paul Holmes blessed the sports polling room and the commemorative plaque.

Rick Gentile, 10-time Emmy Award-winning sports broadcaster and director of the sports poll; Ann Mayo, director of the Center for Sport Management; Bobby Gonzalez, Seton Hall’s head men’s basketball coach; and Dave Popkin, vice president and partner of Positive Impact Partners and announcer for Pirates Men’s Basketball, spoke at the event.

Matthew Creange and Elizabeth Rathbun, two sport management students, discussed the accomplishments of the Center for Sport Management and shared their experiences as pollsters.   

About The Seton Hall Sports Poll Conducted by The Sharkey Institute

The poll launched in February 2006 and is the first university-based ongoing polling service to delve exclusively into the multi-billion dollar sport industry. Earlier in the year, ESPN partnered with Seton Hall to gauge public opinion on Barry Bonds and steroid-assisted records. Other polls have measured public opinion on Winter Olympic viewership, recruitment of college basketball players, interest in baseball postseason games, and view of salary controls.

Future polls may focus on public funding and tax breaks for stadiums and franchises, gambling, labor disputes, role models, ethical behavior, drug testing, legislative issues, franchise movements, equality for women’s sports, etc. In total, approximately 15 polls will be conducted each academic year.

For more information please contact:
Rick Gentile
(973) 313-6201


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