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For the fifth year in a row, the New Jersey Policy Research Organization Foundation, the public policy research affiliate of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA),  New Jersey Business magazine, and the Stillman School of Business have collaborated to present the New Jersey Bright Idea & Teaching Notes Awards. The awards honor scholarship and teaching ideas in all fields of business by faculty members within New Jersey.

The Stillman School is especially pleased to announce that Yeomin Yoon, Ph.D., professor of finance,  has received an award for his work in finance. Yoon collaborated with Youngna Choi of Montclair State University to publish a paper entitled “Compensating balance: A comment” published in The International Journal of Banking and Finance. This paper concludes that whenever a bank imposes a compensating balance, the borrowing firm should prefer a bullet loan to a fully-amortized one if it wishes to avoid an ambush posed by such a balance.

Following is a complete listing of awardees:

Bright Idea Awards

Speed to Market: “The impacts of speed-to-market on new product success: The moderating effects of uncertainty” by Jiyao Chen, Richard R. Reilly, and Gary S. Lynn of Stevens Institute of Technology.

Information Technology: “A strategic management framework for IT outsourcing: A review of the literature and the development of a success factors model” by Jerry Fjermestad and Jo-Ann Saitta of New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Home Financing: “Mortgage decision: Lower payment or faster payoff?” by Ralph Gallay of Rider University.

Leadership Behavior: “Executive job demands: New insights for explaining strategic decisions and leader behaviors” by Ann C. Mooney of Stevens Institute of Technology.

Decision Sciences: “Efficient market-clearing prices in markets with nonconvexities” by Michael H. Rothkopf of Rutgers University - Newark and New Brunswick.

Dutch Auctions: “Slow Dutch auctions” by Michael H. Rothkopf of Rutgers University - Newark and New Brunswick.

Pricing: “Direct evidence of ending-digit drop-off in price information processing” by Robert M. Schindler of Rutgers University - Camden.

Finance: “Compensating balance: A comment” by Yeomin Yoon of Seton Hall University and Youngna Choi of Montclair State University.

Teaching Bright Idea Awards

“Sales Management Coaching on DVD” by Tony Carter, William Paterson University.

 “Using Business Publications” by Shaoping Zhao, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

Congratulations to the award winners!

For more information please contact:
Rosemary Pauler
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