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On April 3-4, 2009, faculty and students from the School of Health and Medical Sciences, Department of Graduate Programs in Health Sciences, presented seven (7) of the 16 research posters at the APTA New Jersey Annual Conference held in Eatontown, NJ.  Poster topics included:

  • Pinto Zipp, G., Bink, J., Nierojewski, O., Rizvi, H., Catalano, K., “The Influence of Concurrent Cognitive and Motor Tasks on Postural Sway in Adults.”

  • Pinto Zipp, G. and Ferraro, R., "Effects of Limited Ankle Range of Motion on Spatiotemporal Gait Parameters During Incline and Level Walking in Older Adults: A Pilot Study."

  • Pinto Zipp, G.; Rizzolo, D.; Stiskal, D. and Simpkins, S., "Effects of Yoga and Humor on Stress in Health Science Students."

  •  Ardolino, E. M.; Pinto Zipp, G.; Basso, M.; Hutchinson, K; and Harkema, S. J.; "The Interrater Reliability of the Berg Balance Scale and the Tinetti Performance-Oriented Mobility Assessment in the Spinal Cord Injury Population."

  • Hyland, M.; Pinto Zipp, G.; Olson, V. and Lichtman, S.; "A Comparative Analysis of Computer Assisted Instruction and Traditional Lecture Instruction for Administration & Management Topics in Physical Therapy ."

  • Stutz-Doyle, C.; Pinto Zipp, G.; and Stiskal, D.; "The Effects of Traditional Strengthening Exercises Versus Functional Task Training on Pain, Strength and Gait in the 45-65 Year Old Adult with Knee Osteoarthritis."

These collaborative presentations between faculty and students support the goal of the Graduate Programs in Health Sciences department to foster scholarship and mentorship opportunities.
To further assist the department in reaching this goal, Drs. Pinto Zipp, Clark and Cahill recently spoke at the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning conference sponsored by Eastern Michigan University on,  "The Role of Collaborative Scholarship in the Mentorship of Doctoral Students.”  The authors presented data from a University wide survey conducted during the Spring '09 semester of SHMS faculty perceptions on collaborative scholarship activities. The authors plan to further explore the role of collaborative scholarship across campuses in the US and abroad.

For more information please contact:
Genevieve Zipp, P.T., Ed.D.
(973) 275-2457


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