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"In our newly-constructed polling center, students and faculty will work on real projects, projects that will advance the national dialogue on sports."

Ann M. Mayo, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Sport Management
Stillman School of Business

The Seton Hall Sports Poll Conducted by The Sharkey Institute successfully launched with a poll on the 2006 Olympic Games. Student pollsters, primarily Stillman marketing and sport management undergraduates, interviewed 631 U.S. households between February 17-21, who have been watching the Games.

The Results Are In
Interest in this year's Winter Olympics as compared to previous Games has diminished for 26 percent of Olympic viewers. This decline mirrors the decline in television viewership from the Nagano Games of 1998, the last non-U.S. based Olympics, which had been the lowest rated Winter Games to this point.

Further, 84 percent of the poll respondents said they are not more likely to buy a product from an Olympic sponsor, and 85 percent not more likely to buy a product with an Olympic athlete endorsement.

"These are real red flag issues for sponsors and broadcasters to consider going forward," noted Rick Gentile, director of the Seton Hall Sports Poll and a professor in the Center for Sport Management. "Diminished interest, along with apparent apathy toward sponsorships are potent messages." 

What's Next for the Seton Hall Sports Poll?
Public funding and tax breaks for stadiums and franchises, gambling, labor disputes, role models, ethical behavior, drug testing, legislative issues, franchise movements, equality for women's sports, etc., are all examples of important cultural questions emanating from the sport universe, that will be explored by the Seton Hall Sports Poll — the first university-based, ongoing polling service to delve into the multi-billion dollar sport industry.

For more information please contact:
Rick Gentile
(973) 313-6201


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