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The College of Arts and Science is pleased to offer the following online undergraduate courses for Summer 2009:

  • BIOL 1101-WB Introduction to Biology (CRN: 21071)
  • CAST 1302-WB Introduction to Catholic Vision (CRN: 20346)
  • COMM 2134-WB Communication Ethics (CRN: 20429)
  • ENGL 2516-WBA Business Writing (CRN: 20834)
  • HIST 1101-WB World History I (CRN: 20616)
  • HIST 1102-WB World History II (CRN: 20506)
  • HIST 1202-WB Western Civilization II (CRN: 20375)
  • HIST 1301-WB American History I (CRN: 20370)
  • HIST 1302-WB American History II (CRN: 20516)
  • MATH 1101-WB Statistics Concepts and Methods (CRN: 20195)
  • PHIL 1105-WB Ethics (CRN: 20328)
  • RELS 1302-WB Introduction to Catholic Theology (CRN: 20340)

The College of Arts and Science is also offering the following online graduate courses for Summer 2009:

  • COMM 7410-WB Cross Cultural Communication (CRN: 20518)
  • PSMA 8512-WB Ethics in Healthcare Administration (CRN: 20569)

More details can be found on the Banner registration system.  Summer 2009 registration is March 16-20, 2009 and then again starting April 21, 2009.

For more information please contact:
Miriam Lyons-Frolow, M.P.A.
(973) 761-9698


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