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Female Participants Wanted for Research
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The School of Health and Medical Sciences would like to invite you to participate in a continuing study on the relationship of the menstrual cycle on postural sway and equilibrium response in women. Subjects will record hormone levels for 2 months. Balance responses will be recorded using the Balance Master 6.1 under different sensory conditions and during functional tests on 3 separate occasions. Each meeting should take about 1 hour, and participation is voluntary. All tests are completely noninvasive.  
In order to participate, you must be a female between the ages of 18-28 years old with a normal 26 to 34 day menstrual cycle for the past six months. You must have no previous history of lower extremity injury for the past six months, and not be taking hormone supplements or oral contraceptives for the past three months.  
To preserve your anonymity and confidentiality, you will be assigned a code number which will be used on all data collected.  
If you are interested or have questions and want more information please contact either Dr. Maher at or (973) 275-2806 or Dr. Hill- Lombardi at or (973) 275-2486.

For more information please contact:
Dr. Cathy Maher
(973) 275-2806


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