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The Biblical Theology Bulletin (BTB) began publication in Rome in 1971 under the editorship of Leopold Sabourin, SJ, Professor at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. Its editor since 1981 has been David M. Bossman, Ph.D., Professor of Jewish-Christian Studies at Seton Hall University.
The journal, whose subscription base spans the globe notably in university and seminary libraries, is now printed and marketed by Sage Publications. In addition to the traditional mailed copies of the journal, BTB now has a new website that includes the current issue as well as scanned copies of articles going back through the 39 volumes of the journal. The website, currently with free access, is The website lists leading international scholars as associate editors for this peer-reviewed journal.

For more information please contact:
David M. Bossman, Ph.D.
(973) 761-9006


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