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Class of 2010 PA Students White Coat Ceremony
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Father LiddyPhysician Assistant Students in the Class of 2010 marked the beginning of their clinical rotation experiences with a White Coat Ceremony on October 17, 2008. 
Students were welcomed by Dean Shulman who reminded students of the significance of the white coat in clinical practice.  The students were also addressed by Provost Gabriel Esteban who provided stories of his encounters with clinical PAs,  and Msgr. Liddy who spoke about the healing process from the perspective of traditions of various faiths. 
Dr. John Sensakovic, the program's medical director, told the students
what to expect on their rotations and reminded them that, though they might feel anxious and stressed, they would still need to bring the passion of wanting to help people with them on every patient encounter.
Dr. Gary Bouchard, Director of Clinical Education, led the students in the Physician Assistant Professional Oath.  Students then were "coated" by their faculty advisor.

Ceremony speech
Students at Ceremony
Ceremony Speech 


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