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Philosophers Speak series presents Dr. Harry Frankfurt
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On Thursday, December 4th, 2008 at 4:00 p.m., in the Science and Technology Center Amphitheatre, the Department of Philosophy and the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office present another speaker in the "Philosophers Speak" lecture series. This installment brings to campus the internationally renowned philosopher and author Dr. Harry Frankfurt, emeritus professor of philosophy at Princeton University.

Professor Frankfurt is one of the world's leading philosophers in the areas of moral philosophy, metaphysics, and early modern philosophy. His early work on freedom of the will, moral responsibility, personhood, and Descartes' rationalism are essential readings in any serious study of philosophy. In his more recent work, Professor Frankfurt eloquently extols the virtues of love, truth, commitment and sharply criticizes our culture's penchant for relativism and insincerity. It should be noted that Professor Frankfurt's On Bullshit (2005) was a New York Times non-fiction national best seller and lead to a noteworthy interview on Jon Stewart's Daily Show.
At Seton Hall University, Professor Frankfurt will speak on “Moral Responsibility,” defending the common sense belief that people are not morally responsible for what they do or bring about inadvertently or for that which simply occurs as a matter of chance. He will then discuss the appropriate reactive attitudes for a person who inadvertently does something manifestly bad and suggests that we might reasonably expect such a person not to feel guilty but, at most, to feel embarrassed by his or her inability to prevent or avoid that condition or event.
Professor Frankfurt is the author of several books, including On Truth (2006), Taking Ourselves Seriously and Getting it Right (2006), On Bullshit (2005), The Reasons of Love (2004), Necessity, Volition, and Love (1999), The Importance of What We Care About (1988), Demons, Dreamers, and Madmen (1970), and numerous influential journal articles.

For more information please contact:
Dr. Abe Zakhem, Department of Philosophy
(973) 761-9480


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