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Student Ensembles  

There are an array of music programs to take advantage of in the College of Communication and the Arts. Our programs include:

Chamber Orchestra

The Seton Hall Chamber Orchestra offers students an orchestral performing experience as a credited course offering. Students with intermediate to advanced skill levels on all orchestral instruments (strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, and harp) are encouraged to participate. A wide range of music is performed including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century and popular music. Students have the unique opportunity to perform with faculty and professionals within the orchestra. The orchestra meets once weekly for a 90-minute rehearsal and presents a concert performance at the end of each semester. A short audition is required.

Jazz Ensemble

Students rehearse a variety of jazz styles in small combo setting to be performed in various venues throughout the term. Repertoire includes the blues, swing, Latin, modal, and fusion in varied grooves and tempos. The ensemble repertoire always includes material accessible to the beginning improviser. Students learn ensemble skills including phrasing, dynamics, and terminology, and are given opportunities for improvisation. All are encouraged to improvise regardless of prior experience and will be coached on their improvisation. Rehearsals are run by the instructor, but students are encouraged to contribute their ideas for arrangements. While a background in jazz is helpful, it is not required. Students must however have a degree of playing facility and music reading experience on their instrument.

Pep Band

The Seton Hall University Pep Band is an integral part of the men's and women's basketball games, providing entertainment and spirit. The band plays prior to all home games and during time-outs, leading the students with musical cheers and also adding their own cheers as well. The pep band is made up of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. There are no electric instruments, i.e. bass and guitar in the band. Pep Band is open to all students who can play their instrument at least a 3rd year of high school proficiency and who want to make the commitment needed to be a member. The music is standard marching band charts of medium to advanced levels of difficulty. Students use University percussion and sousaphones, and some other instruments (i.e. tenor sax, baritone saxophone, mellophones, etc) are available, but it is recommended that students bring their own instruments to play. The University provides music and a uniform.

Touring Choir

The Seton Hall University touring choir is the largest choir at Seton Hall University. Its auditioned members consist of Seton Hall University undergraduate students, alumni, community members and faculty. The group, which began over a decade ago, now boasts over sixty members. It has achieved high distinction and recognition from numerous organizations due to its continuing efforts. Concerts are given twice annually, either on the main campus of Seton Hall University or nearby in the town of South Orange. A short audition is required.

Vocal Chamber Ensemble

The Vocal Chamber Ensemble is a select group of Seton Hall's most advanced vocalists. The group rehearses and performs repertoire for small ensemble and gives concerts twice annually along with the Touring Choir. A short audition is required.

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