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October 2017

Greetings to the Micah/Seton Hall family!

In his covering note this month, John Fontana gives brief updates about the partnership with Renew International and Chris Lowney's most recent book. A new Renew booklet that is a companion piece to Chris' "Heroic Leadership" will be available soon; this work is comprised of 12 sessions based on the Woodstock methodology. Lowney’s new book, "The Dynamic Leader Balancing Faith and Work," is now in print and will be available shortly.

George Limbach, who is the coordinator for the WBC Philadelphia chapter, suggested this month's reading. The article was written by three associates of RHR international, a consulting company specializing in senior leadership development. Teams are more important in today's business world characterized by flattened organizational structures functioning in a global environment. The authors challenge the assumption that cohesion is the most important trait of successful units; they develop an argument that the best crews are cohesive, but also thrive on disagreement. The writers identify tensions that teams face, and provide recommendations to ensure that these groups fully embrace these pressures. From their perspective the most successful units reframe tension and dialogue openly. They also take responsibility for innovation and are held accountable for fostering its development.

The ideas presented are challenging as they bring forth a new element for leaders to consider. I would love to hear about your experience with teams. Do you agree with the authors' argument?

Until next time.
Wally Kennedy

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