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September 2017

Welcome back everyone!

I hope that the summer season has been enjoyable and relaxing. The new year starts with two important announcements. The Woodstock Business Conference (WBC) will be changing its name (to Ignatian Business Conference - IBC) and rebranding itself in partnership with Renew International. Renew is a Catholic publishing house that has written materials used by Small Christian Communities throughout the world.

In conjunction with IBC, Renew is publishing a book, "Dynamic Leader, Balancing Faith and Work," which will be available this fall. This is the first output from the new partnership. The goal of the new team is the creation of other materials for IBC chapters and continuance of the monthly Topics that we have enjoyed for some time.

The other announcement is news from the Center for Catholic Studies at SHU. Mark T. Miller, a noted theologian, has been appointed as the first Toth/Lonergan Endowed Visiting Professor. In this role Professor Miller is expected to teach courses throughout the University and participate in initiatives of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies and the Center for Catholic Studies.

For September Topics John Fontana selected two brief articles. Opinion writer E.J. Dionne, Jr. presents "Is America Getting Lonelier." Professor Adam Grant from the Wharton School shares a perspective in "Networking is Overrated."

Dionne presents concerns raised by a Marc J. Dunkelman, a fellow at Brown University, and author of "The Vanishing Neighbor." In this book Dunkelman cites evidence that our contemporary social architecture is producing a society in which people fail to connect with each other. Thus, we are creating communities "where neighbors remain strangers." He postulates that this structure plays a role in our deepening political polarization.

In his piece Adam Grant adds a different perspective to the importance of connecting with people, building a chain of relationships (I.e., networking). He argues that networking can help accomplish great things, but only if great things have been accomplished beforehand. Accomplishment is necessary for creation of successful networks.

Finally, note the question about loneliness raised by John Fontana. Are we missing people who are struggling with loneliness because of our busyness and self-interest? As authentic human beings, should we connect with these people on a more personal level and express genuine care?

Please note that due to university requirements, we will now introduce the articles attached, then provide a link to the entire article.

Enjoy the reading. Please share your points of view.

Wally Kennedy

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