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planet honda 

Planet Honda

  • Challenge - Improve TV ads and determine what resonates
  • Insights - TV ads were memorable, but too loud and too much content
  • Recommendations - Keep ad themes, but modify tone and improve focus
  • Results - New ads rated as 'significantly improved' which strengthened likelihood of visiting dealership
Hackensack Medical University Center

Hackensack University Medical Center

  • Challenge – Improve 4 gift stores’ business with 8,000+ employees
  • Insights – Uncovered communication ‘disconnect’ with hospital employees
  • Recommendations – Needs assessment and customer loyalty program
  • Results – Logo merchandise for employees to encourage pride and regular intranet communications about store specials
Stony's Restaurant

Stony's Restaurant

  • Challenge - Attract more Seton Hall students to South Orange eatery
  • Insights - Need alternative ways to reach student demographic
  • Recommendations - Facebook, curbside service and special promo nights
  • Results - Created 'Seton Hall Night'. Sales doubled. 25% increase overall. New Facebook page generated > 2,000 fans in 3 months
J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear

J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear

  • Challenge – Understanding preferences on a new ‘survival’ backpack
  • Insights – Identified key drivers of interest and style preferences
  • Recommendations – Emphasize backup power and customization
  • Results – Development of a product line extension and design modifications to enhance customer appeal
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