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Clients and Testimonials


"We spent a lot of money on market research in the past. However, in all of our years in business, we haven't done anything more valuable than these market research projects with Seton Hall University. The research helped us 'hear' our customers better and we made some significant changes based on their recommendations!"  
Tim Ciasulli, CEO/Founder, Planet Honda

"Our marketing research project at Seton Hall was an extremely rewarding and worthwhile experience. We got some great 'ah ha's from potential customers that were extremely helpful and actionable for our business."  
Tony Guerriero, Owner, The Renovation Company

"Our market research project experience at Seton Hall University was excellent! Based on the recommendations, we made modifications in our marketing message and added a key product line extension." 
Chantel Robinson, Director of Marketing, J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear (Division of Milspray Military)

"After my experience with the Market Research Center I can honestly tell you my sales increased a minimum of 25 percent and I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for their help again."
Stony Johnson, Owner, Stony's Restaurant

"We were extremely pleased with the results and recommendations. It validated some critical assumptions for a major branding initiative and provided necessary insights into the mindsets of our target customers."
Carole Anzalone-Newman, Executive Director, Main Street - South Orange


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