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Seton Hall University

Message from the Director

LiddyWelcome to the Bernard J. Lonergan Institute at Seton Hall University.  Father Bernard Lonergan, S.J., one of the great Catholic philosophers and  theologians of the twentieth century, was my teacher in Rome in the 1960s. His great work, Insight: A Study of Human Understanding, is an invitation to integrate all areas of knowledge through a pedagogy of self-knowledge. He provides a map for scaling the vast areas of human knowing through an intimate knowledge of ourselves and our own conscious operations.

And in his Method in Theology he linked such a pedagogy to the experience and knowledge of God in history and the application to the various disciplines and professions. He called his work "a framework for collaborative creativity" so that many might bring their talents together for the good of the world and the glory of God. His last writings on economics outlined a new paradigm for human economic activity: a work directly related to healing economic inequalities.

In that light the Bernard J. Lonergan Institute at Seton Hall University aims at aiding "collaborative creativity" so that many might use their talents in healing our world and creating new structures for human flourishing. Please use the resources of the institute, its books, CDs, bibliography, etc. to grow in your knowledge of yourself and the world. We hope that the institute will be a "wisdom resource" for many.

And please keep us in your prayers –


Rev. Msgr. Richard M. Liddy, Director
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