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Seton Hall University

Roles and Responsibilities

What is my responsibility as an employee using Kronos?

  • Employees are required to submit accurate time records.
  • Employees should record their time on a daily basis.
  • Employees must approve their timecard before 5pm of the last day of the pay period
Exception: There are times when a holiday will make it necessary to change the Kronos closing date. Employees will be notified timely when this is scheduled to happen.

What is my responsibility as a Supervisor using Kronos?

  • Supervisors are responsible for timely approval of timecards within 24 hours of the pay period close
    • Ensures accuracy
    • Promotes accountability
  • Supervisors should not approve time records before the time is worked.
  • Supervisors should manage any work schedule changes for his/her employees
  • Supervisors are required to make appropriate changes to time records to ensure records accurately reflect the hours worked.
  • Supervisors must personally approve the time records.
    • Supervisors can arrange in advance for a back-up supervisor to approve records in their absence and their supervisor's absence. Please contact in this situation.
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