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Seton Hall University

Facilities and Damage Billing


Work Orders Each residence hall has a General Maintenance Manager (GMM) assigned to address any facilities issues within the rooms or residence halls itself. This GMM responds to work orders submitted by HRL staff as needed. To submit a work order, please complete the information requested in the Work Orders book at the front desk of the residence hall or contact a Resident Assistant (RA), Residence Coordinator (RC), or Residence Hall Director (RHD) for assistance. 

Damage Billing 

As the Department of Housing and Residence Life begins preparations to close the residence halls for summer break, the process of Damage Billing assessment begins:

  • Students sign a Room Condition Report (RCR) upon checking into their room assignment. This is a room inventory form completed by an RA. Students have 48 hours to add anything to the form that was not listed upon check-in. Students who wish to review their RCR may their RHD’s office.
  • Students may report any wear and tear they have found in their room through the year by filing a work order. Note: they may still be charged for this repair. Students checking out of housing have the option to schedule a walk-through of their room with an RA after all of their belongings have been removed on their check-out day. Rooms should be left in clean condition (broom-swept) with furniture properly assembled. The RA will provide an estimate for what damages may be charged for beyond normal wear and tear. This is only an estimate. When the residence halls have closed, the RHD will walk-through all rooms with a representative from Facilities Engineering to assess repairs that need to be made and their associated costs.
  • The costs of labor and repair materials are determined by the Department of Facilities Engineering and are sent to students in April each year.
  • Costs of the repair are split evenly amongst all roommates unless one particular roommate accepts responsibility for the damage or damage is clearly limited to one roommate’s side of the room.
  • If a student is assessed a damage billing charge after check-out they will receive an email from the RHD outlining the charges. Charges for damages will be billed to the student’s account.
  • Damage billing appeals will be accepted in writing via email to the RHD only within five days of receipt of the email outlining the charges. Any appeals received after this deadline will not be reviewed.

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