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Thank You, Healthcare Professionals!  

HealthWhy are you grateful for healthcare professionals?

A question we probably don't ask enough.

Considering the impact that healthcare professionals make on just about every aspect of our lives, it's appropriate that we take the time to reflect on why we are thankful for their service.

In honor of National Health Professions Week (November 6-12, 2016), the School of Health and Medical Sciences is asking you to join this conversation. Use the hashtags #healthprofweek #setonhall to share with your friends, followers, and the Seton Hall community on social media why YOU are grateful for healthcare professionals.

Here are some comments we've already received:

The #physicaltherapy team who took the time to understand my back-pain and symptoms explained to me how the therapy would help me in both the short- and long-term. As a client, this knowledge made me more willing to do the exercises and stretches. #healthprofweek #setonhall

I am grateful for the #physicianassistant who checked on me, compassionately, throughout an unnerving experience in the ER. She took the time to educate me about what was happening throughout the entire ordeal. I can picture her face and voice to this day, that is how #thankful I am that she was there. #healthprofweek #setonhall

What's your story? This is your chance to say "Thank you!" for the healthcare professionals who have made a difference in your life. How to get involved:

  • Using your own social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), post about why you are grateful for healthcare professionals, or about a meaningful experience, or just a general shout-out to the people in these caring professions.
  • Make sure to use the hashtags #healthprofweek #setonhall so that your comments are associated with this project, and so that everyone can follow along. We'll repost some of the responses on the SHMS and SHU Facebook, Twitter (@setonhall) and Instagram (@setonhall) accounts.
  • Spread the word – encourage others to post!

The School of Health and Medical Sciences, along with the Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals, who sponsors this annual initiative, is proud to recognize healthcare professionals, students and educators and celebrate their contributions to the health of the patients they serve.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Paul Cognata, Assistant Dean
  • (973) 275-4818
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