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Higher Education Graduate Students Welcomed  

Higher EducationOn Saturday, August 27, 2016, faculty, staff and current students welcomed new members of the higher education graduate programs to the College of Education and Human Services. New students were congratulated for their decision to attend the College and embark upon a new period of growth and transition, where they would be challenged academically and rewarded both professionally and personally.

“Our faculty are very excited to have new students join this vibrant, intellectually challenging and supportive learning community as they commit to their graduate studies in Higher Education. One of the strengths of our higher education graduate program is that we have very dedicated faculty and highly motivated students who build supportive and collaborative relationships. As new students begin their academic journey, our faculty are here to support them to achieve their personal and career goals and encourage them to take responsibility and ownership of their learning goals,” said Higher Education Program Director Eunyoung Kim.

Incoming students were introduced to their respective program’s core course requirements, internship opportunities, timing of qualifying and comprehensive exams and the dissertation process. Students were encouraged to establish connections with faculty members so that they may become mentors, to take advantage of all available resources and to use the motivation that got them into the program to work through the program until completion.

Students offered an array of diverse backgrounds, career goals and reasons they chose to enroll in one of the higher education graduate programs. Megan Matesic, a student in the Ph.D., Higher Education Leadership, Management and Policy Program, shared her interest in education policy and cited the “research aspect of the program” as what drew her to Seton Hall. Another student in the Ph.D., Higher Education Leadership, Management and Policy Program, Amanda Maybaum, cited the sense of community she felt at Seton Hall: “I started my Ed.D. online at Pepperdine University in California but it lacked a community feel. When I moved to New Jersey, I discovered the Ph.D. program at Seton Hall and really liked the supportive, community aspect of the program.”

Incoming students also learned that the Higher Education Graduate Students Association (HEGSA) offers an opportunity for students to be actively involved through activities including, writing for the monthly newsletter and attending colloquiums. HEGSA also maintains a blog containing relevant information and resources for students. Kevin Majewski, doctoral candidate in the Ph.D., Higher Education Leadership, Management and Policy Program and a steward in HEGSA, offered the following words of encouragement to new students, “The programs are challenging but faculty and students work collaboratively to support and encourage one another to achieve success. This orientation has showcased the resources available to students to allow them to pursue and achieve their goals.”

Higher education graduate programs include:

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