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Blue Goes Green: The Origami Challenge  

Image of Daniel Kim As ancient Japanese legend has it, anyone who folds one thousand origami cranes will be granted a single wish. Inspired by that promise, senior Daniel Kim has brought the Origami Challenge to Seton Hall. Kim's wish is that students and staff will recycle their old essays, syllabi, and other scraps of paper they may have at home and turn them into one thousand cranes symbolizing our communal wish for a greener campus and planet. The Ecology Club is erecting a bamboo structure in McNulty Hall in early April. Origami makers are invited to hang their creations there.

"After my internship in China, I wanted to become involved in environmentalism," Kim explains. "I realized that no matter who you are and where you live, climate change affects everyone. With this project, I hope people think twice the next time they decide to throw a piece of paper away because it can be used for something else."

Kim, who is majoring in diplomacy and international relations and minoring in business administration, notes that the project also connects to the UN's 17 Sustainable How to make a Paper CraneDevelopment Goals. Established to help address some of the world's most pressing problems, the 17 UN Goals zero in on poverty, education, social economic inequality and environmental degradation. "We want people to realize that we can accomplish seemingly impossible tasks when we work together. By making 1000+ origami, we hope that this project will inspire each of us to be bold and take on today's issues that matter to us."

If you're interested in making an origami but not sure where to start, check out YouTube for step-by- step instructions. Cranes, flowers, boats, etc. are welcome and can be personalized and bedazzled with sparkles and color. Be sure to punch a small hole when finished so that your work of art can be displayed with string on the bamboo frame.

Paper BoatClubs and organizations are encouraged to spread the word to their members. Any questions, please contact Daniel Kim at

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