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Professor Hugh Dugan Addresses UN General Assembly on 'Enforced Disappearance'  

Hugh DuganProfessor Hugh Dugan, a Sharkey Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Fellow at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations, appeared before the United Nations' General Assembly to speak on behalf of the convention against "enforced disappearance," a crime against humanity.

Professor Dugan noted to the General Assembly that although "retired from the UN, I'm not disappeared. I'm still alert, disturbed and motivated by this issue and I'm motivated by the attention that the convention brings to it."

Professor Dugan, a former senior advisor to the US Permanent Representative to the UN and US Delegate to the United Nations, continued:

"This is a long-term campaign and all resources must be identified. Since it appears to be impossible to create sharp consequences for offending states, I request that you please continue to provide information and incentive to states that have yet decided to sign on or ratify or that are considering slowly their possible adherence. Today's event is a very valuable contribution to this end."

Watch the entire address (4 minutes) to the UN General Assembly on Enforced Disappearance »

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