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The Core This Week  

Student reading Christianity and Culture in Dialogue book in the library.During the spring semester, there are multiple sections of Core II running. Christianity and Culture in Dialogue explores the links between Christianity and other world views, examining the exchange of ideas through a wide variety of texts beginning with the New Testament and ending with a selection from a group of modern works.

This week, many Core II classes will be covering Perpetua of Carthage. She was a North African young woman imprisoned for her Christian faith under the reign of Emperor Septimius Severus. Before being executed with her companions on March 7, 203, Perpetua kept a prison diary -- the first writing we have by a Christian woman.

Seton Hall University's Core Curriculum is an approach to general education that encourages students to become thinking, caring, communicative and ethically responsible leaders with a commitment to service. The issues examined through readings, films and discussions in the three signature courses are central to the Catholic tradition of the University, although they are in no way exclusive to this tradition. People of all times and places have wrestled with issues of justice and injustice, the nature of love, the meaning and purpose of life, the nature of the good life and the nature of ultimate reality. Consideration of these ideas remains a staple of the human condition, and our students are all invited to participate in this ongoing conversation.

Categories: Faith and Service

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