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Post Baccalaureate Certificate Programs  

  • Certificate in Post-Conflict State Reconstruction and Sustainability

    The School of Diplomacy is pleased to offer the first graduate certificate program among APSIA schools in the New York Metropolitan area in post-conflict state reconstruction and sustainability - now entirely online. Enduring and rising conflicts and tensions in many regions of the world posing critical socio-economic and institutional challenges have increased the need for skilled professionals trained in this field.

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  • Certificate in United Nations Studies

    The UN Studies graduate certificate program is designed for professionals and recent bachelor's degree graduates who seek to explore a career or develop additional skills without committing to a master's degree, as well as matriculated graduate students who wish to secure an additional credential. Students who enroll in the certificate program will gain a better understanding of how the policy community both utilizes and proposes to reform the UN.

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  • Special Education Transition Certificate

    The Special Education Transition Certificate will provide the knowledge, skills, and competencies required of secondary special educators and guidance counselors to assist youth and young adults as they transition to postsecondary opportunities. The certificate is aligned with the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) standards related to transition.

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  • Online Graduate Certificate in Data Visualization and Analysis

    In today's society, government, industry and many other institutions collect and analyze large amounts of data to further their goals. To address these growing needs, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Department of Psychology offer undergraduate and graduate certification programs in Data Visualization and Analysis. These unique programs teach data analysis, visualization and cognitive psychology. Students may earn the certificates by taking courses completely online or on-site at Seton Hall University's campus.

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  • Online Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration

    The online Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration is a non-matriculating program, designed for individuals who would like to explore a career in healthcare administration, who already have a graduate degree but need to develop specific healthcare management skills, or who would like to enroll in a selected set of graduate healthcare administration courses. Courses taken in the certificate program can later be applied to the Master of Healthcare Administration degree program, once an application has been submitted and accepted.

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  • Online Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication and Leadership

    Our diverse and flexible programs, anchored in the humanities and featuring cutting-edge technology and innovative curricula, provide opportunities for meaningful collaboration across disciplines. With 14 possible minors, we encourage students to explore different classes, while remaining on track to attain their degree.

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  • Online Post-Master's Nurse Practitioner Certificate

    Seton Hall University College of Nursing also offers the Post-Master's Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program. The program is designed to prepare the nurse who has a master's degree in nursing and wants to become a nurse practitioner. Coursework is completed online. The required clinical component is fulfilled within the student's geographical location. Clinical placements are individualized and are congruent with certification requirements and the student's interests, education, and career goals.

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  • Certificate in Graduate Business

    Open to non-business majors, students are exposed to the language of business. Major concepts in accounting, marketing, finance and management provide a head start in the business world. These courses provide solid preparation for entering the job market and starting a career after graduation. Open to students at Seton Hall University and other regionally accredited colleges.

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