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Seton Hall University

Associated Committees

Risk Management Committee

This Committee is comprised of fifteen (15) members of the university community from a variety of departments.  The Compliance Officer is the Chair of the Risk Management Committee.  One of the charges of the Risk Management Committee is to develop, coordinate, direct and assess programs and activities to minimize known risks and to enhance safety relative to all campus functions. The Committee is to be a resource for the university community regarding new or revised programs, policies, procedures and regulations within the committee’s areas of concern. The Risk Management Committee meets four (4) times a year.  If there is an issue of special concern which requires immediate attention by the committee, the committee will convene to address the matter.

List of Committee Members

Lori Brown, Chair

  • Terry Dealmeida/Gerald Lenihan, Law School
  • Dave Edwards, Laboratory Safety
  • Jeffrey Hurrin, Student Affairs
  • Steve Kurtyka, Physical Plant
  • Pat Linfante / Don Tauriello, Campus Safety/Security
  • Kimberly Mangum, Human Resources
  • Joan Osthues, Health Services
  • John Signorello, Fire Safety
  • Richard R. Stainton, Athletics
  • Craig Stapfer, Safety Coordinator
  • Dan Taylor, Finance & Administration
  • Matthew Tominey, Disability Support Services
  • Michael Vigorito, Institutional Animal Care and Use

Additional information about risk management programs in the higher education setting is available at the website of the University Risk Management and Insurance Association.

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