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Faculty Accomplishments

The College of Communication and the Arts is home to many internationally recognized faculty. Our varied undergraduate and graduate programs are taught by experts in all relevant industries. Our faculty are comprised of performing artists, Pulitzer Prize winners, fine artists, museum curators, well-known authors, Fulbright Scholars, respected media critics, filmmakers and award winning designers.

Our professional faculty are guided by the understanding that students benefit from the study of theory, but that the application of real-life industry experience from a mentor with first-hand knowledge is invaluable.

As you’ll see below, our faculty are always on the move. Here are some of the most recent accomplishments by Communication and the Arts’ faculty.

Paul Christiansen 1

Paul Christiansen, Associate Professor of Music

  • Published a book titled Orchestrating Public Opinion: How Music Persuades in Television Political Ads for US Presidential Campaigns, 1952-2016 with Amsterdam University Press (2018).
  • Published a peer-reviewed article called "'And That's Why You Always Leave a Note!': Musical Meaning in the TV Show Arrested Development" in Music and the Moving Image 11/1 (2018): 19-34.
  • Published a peer-reviewed article called "An American Tune by a German Composer: How Paul Simon's 'American Tune' Creates Meaning through Borrowing" in the Czech and Slovak Journal of Humanities (2017): 50-58.
  • Delivered a presentation on musical appeals to emotion in political ads for the Public Music Discourse: In Honor of the Leonard Bernstein Centenary conference at the University of South Carolina School of Music, Columbia, SC, on March 2, 2018.
  • Delivered presentation in Czech language on composer Leoš Janáček entitled "Co je Janáčkovým největším odkazem?" [What is Janáček’s Greatest Legacy?] for the 34th Biennial Janáčkiana Conference, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 31 May 2018.

Dag Gabrielsen

Dag Gabrielsen, Assistant Professor of Sound Production and Engineering

  • Produced and edited American Romantics II, a classical CD of nineteenth-century American works for string orchestra performed by The Gowanus Arts Orchestra on the New Focus Recordings label.  American Romantics II was recently named Album of the Week by KUSC Santa Barbara and is currently in rotation at WFMT Chicago and WQXR New York.  Reviews in Textura and The Whole Note.

Devon GifisInstructor

  • Oversaw two team participating in PRSSA’s Bateman Case Study Competition. Both teams completed the Implementation period of the competition. One team was contacted by the organization, With Purpose, impressed by the team’s efforts. Biggest planned event was at a Villanova v. Seton Hall basketball game where the students passed out 212 yellow ribbons in the student section of 848 to show that 1 in 4 individuals who are diagnosed with cancer will die from it.

Angela Kotsonis, Instructor

  • Won a 2017-2018 Newark ArtStart Grant from the Newark Arts Council for "Granny Bombers & Tiny Taggers," an intergenerational oral history project between senior citizens and 5th graders living in Newark's Ironbound neighborhood. The culminating event was presented in the famed Gateway Art Gallery.
  • Presented performance piece about sexual harassment, “Walk Right,” by the National Poetry Center at Passaic County Community College, March 2018. PCC are publishers of the Paterson Review and the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize.
  • Created a public speaking curriculum for youngsters called, "Say Word!?" It is currently implemented in Jersey City Public Schools funded by a grant by Goldman Sachs and produced by Art House Productions. The culminating event is in May 2018 for special guests Mayor Steven Fulop and city stakeholders.

War Bonds James J. Kimble, Professor of Communication

  • Presented a public lecture, "Rosie the Riveter Unmasked," at Bernards Township Library, Basking Ridge, NJ, March 2018.
  • Co-curated (with Stephanie Haboush Plunkett) museum exhibition, Enduring Ideals: Rockwell, Roosevelt & the Four Freedoms, will debut at the New-York Historical Society (NYC’s Upper West Side) on May 25. After closing on September 2, it will travel to museums in Detroit, Washington, Normandy, Houston, Denver, and then (in 2020) to its Massachusetts home, the Norman Rockwell Museum.
  • Researched and scripted three documentary shorts for the Enduring Ideals exhibition: The Atlantic Charter: Hope for a New World; FDR’s Four Freedoms; and Womanpower and the Fight for the Four Freedoms. All three will be showing throughout the exhibition’s run.
  • Co-edited (with Stephanie Haboush Plunkett) an exhibition catalog, now in press: Enduring ideals: Rockwell, Roosevelt & the Four Freedoms (Abbeville Press, forthcoming).
  • Will present a research paper, "Vectors, Propaganda Imagery, and the Problem of Left-Right Directionality: An Exploratory Analysis," at the Visual Learning Conference, Budapest, Hungary, April 2018.

Kristen Koehler, Assistant Professor of Public Relations Kristen Koehler

  • Two Dual-Degree Program Public Relations students presented at the New Jersey Communication Association Conference on April 14, 2018. Paige Anderson and Jade Latson presented their insight and reflection on their experiential learning opportunities during the "Bring Theory to Practice: Challenging Assumptions and Celebrating Differences through Community-Based Lerning" panel. Dr. Koehler served as panel moderator and was joined by Dr. Cass Freedland, France-Merrick Director of Community-Based Learning at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, to share insight about best practices and faculty leadership.

Christine KrusChristine Krus, Professor of Art & Design

  • Rose Gold Winner, International Muse Awards, Steel Magnolias Theatre Poster.
  • Rose Gold Winner, International Muse Awards, Christmas Cabaret Theatre Poser.
  • Gold Award, International Davey Awards, As You Like It Theatre Poster.
  • Silver Award, International Davey Awards, Christmas Cabaret Theatre Poster.
  • Silver Award, International Davey Awards, It’s a Wonderful Life Theatre Poster.

Christine Lhowe, Instructor

  • Selected as a 2018 Design Incubation Fellow.
  • Selected as a 2018 Seton Hall University Digital Humanities Fellow.
  • Presenting at University & College Designers Association (UCDA) Design Education Summit, Good Design Works, May 2018.

William Pace, Faculty Associate of Digital Media Production William Pace

  • Camera operator on Frank Oz's acclaimed documentary, Muppet Guys Talking, released internationally March 2018.
  • Writer, director of short film Third Party Witness, presented at SOMA Film Festival, Maplewood, NJ, March 2018.
  • Producer and cinematographer of short film Little Piggy, selected for Short. Sweet. Film Festival Cleveland, OH, March 2018.

Matthew PressmanMatthew Pressman, Assistant Professor of Journalism

Jon RadwanJon Radwan, Associate Professor of Communication

  • Accepted to serve as mentor as the 2018 National Communication Association Scholar Office Hours.
  • Accepted article publication for "Leadership and Communication in The Bhagavad Gita:  Unity, Duty, and Equanimity." Manuscript revised and re-submitted for inclusion in an edited anthology called Management and The Bhagavad Gita.   Satinder Deman ed.  Springer Press.
  • Accepted article publication for "Vatican Radio." Manuscript revised and resubmitted for the International Encyclopedia of Mass Media and Society.  Debra Merskin ed.  Sage Press.

Christopher Sharrett, Professor of Visual and Sound MediaChristopher Sharrett

  • Invited Speaker, "CINEASTE and the Future of Criticism," Columbia University Seminar on Cinema and Interdisciplinary Interpretation, December 2017.
  • Presented "Valuation and Criticism: Robin Wood in Retrospect," Society for Cinema and Media Studies Meeting, Toronto, March 2018.
  • Review Essay of "The Pumpkin Eater," CINEASTE, Vol. XLIII, No. 2.
  • Review Essay, "Utopia Achieved: 'Call Me By Your Name,'" Film International, January 2018.
  • Review Essay, "Nostalgia for Half-Truth: 'The Post'", Film International, February 2018.

Ingrid Stobbe, Instructor

  • Short film Train selected for the West Virginia Mountaineers Short Film Festival, Screening April 2018.
  • Published Essay "Taking Time to Know Yourself" in the The Glossary, March 2018.

Ruth Tsuria, Assistant ProfessorRuth Suthria

Catherine ZizikCatherine Zizik, Associate Professor of Communication

  • Received College of Communication and the Arts and Seton Hall University "Teacher of the Year" Award.
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