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Praxis Program Workshop held in Trieste, Italy  

Participants of the 2017 Praxis Program in Trieste, Italy. The Center for Vocation and Servant Leadership and the Center for Catholic Studies have successfully completed the third annual summer workshop for participants in the Praxis Program of the Advanced Seminar on Mission. The workshop, entitled “The Role of Functional Specialties,” was held in Trieste, Italy, July 25-27, 2017, and was co-sponsored with Boston College, the University of Trieste and the Jacques Maritain Institute.

Eleven faculty from the Praxis Program participated in this year’s international workshop, along with academics and scholars who explored Bernard Lonergan’s Functional Specialties and their integration into the various disciplines, in order to enhance scholarship, research and pedagogy.

Three days of workshop sessions were conducted at the University of Trieste. Invited speakers for the morning sessions included Frederick Lawrence and Patrick Byrne (Boston College); Hilary Mooney (University of Education Weingarten); Gianguido Salvi (University of Trieste) and Francesca Zaccaron (Jacques Maritain Institute).The Praxis Program workshop, entitled “The Role of Functional Specialties,” was held in Trieste, Italy, July 25-27, 2017.

In the afternoon sessions, Praxis Program participants gave presentations on the implementation of Lonergan’s Generalized Empirical Method (GEM) and the Functional Specialties in their various academic disciplines.

On July 28, 2017, the group traveled to the University of Ljubljana - Slovenia, for a colloquy between Frederick Lawrence (Boston College) and Gorazd Kocijancic, an independent scholar. Their topic was “The Role of Philosophy as Mediating Discourse.”

The Praxis Program is an advanced faculty development program that focuses on the implementation of GEM into the disciplines and professions. Its purpose is to integrate the mission of the university, educate the whole person, and form an interdisciplinary community for ongoing collaboration. For information on the Praxis Program, please visit the website or contact:

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