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January 2015

Dear Micah/ WBC Friends,

The first reading of the year for SHU's Micah/WBC chapter is a document titled, "Jesuit Higher Education for Business." The material was compiled in 2010 by a multi- disciplined collection of scholars who have very impressive credentials and experience in this arena.

Since alignment with the Madden School of Business at LeMoyne University, a primary focus of the WBC is the creation of a Global Jesuit Case Series which should stimulate thinking about Jesuit values and Catholic business schools. The series will include business stories and cases that have been shared by the WBC network. Anyone associated with the Seton Hall family can contribute to this initiative.

Each month the suggested meeting outline has a section, "Questions to initiate discussion." This month's questions are particularly thought provoking and create an opportunity for reflection about personal values and their application to professional or private life. Of these please consider reflecting on:

  • What aspect of Jesuit values most resonates with you personally?
  • Can you provide examples of how these values have been incorporated into your decision-making and into your life?
  • What is your personal pattern of spiritual practice that supports you in life?'

 I hope that you enjoy the reading.

Wally Kennedy

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January 2015

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