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November 2014

Dear Micah/ WBC Friends,

The reading for November is attached. The source is a book, "Give and Take," written by Adam Grant, whom John Fontana describes as "one of Wharton's rising stars." This month's material is an article created by Grant for the Harvard Business Review, "In the Company of Givers and Takers."
The author notes that every day employees make decisions to act like givers or takers. Organizations have an interest in fostering giving behavior because such action is beneficial to the corporation - "When employees act like givers, they facilitate efficient problem solving and coordination and build cohesive, supportive cultures that appeal to customers, suppliers, and top talent alike."

In the article, Grant reviews his research on this subject. The results might be surprising, and should raise questions about your organization: Who are the givers and takers? What strategies can be used to foster giving behavior? As a leader how do you encourage givers?

This is a thought provoking subject. Enjoy the reading.

Wally Kennedy

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