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September 10, 2014

Dear Friends,

For the past decade we have been meeting as the Woodstock Business Conference Seton Hall Chapter/ Micah Group (in the words of our Mission statement):

  • To explore our religious traditions
  • To integrate faith, family and professional life
  • To develop a corporate culture that is reflective of our religious faith and values.

Many of you have told us that, in spite of a desire to meet, the 6 pm Wednesday time is not convenient for a number of reasons: commuting traffic, class time, choir rehearsals, etc. . . We have thought long and hard about alternatives and no matter what time we choose, one or another persons are excluded.

The past years have been blessed by your presence, your faith, your witness and your prayers. We have left each meeting inspired and renewed. But the question remains. How shall we continue?

For the coming months, we will not meet every month but we will continue to inform and share by emailing you the monthly readings and posting them below. We will also periodically send notice of lectures sponsored by the Center for Catholic Studies, the Micah Institute and the Department of Catholic Studies. Some current activities which may be of interest are attached.

On Wednesday evening, October 29th, Dr. Andrea Bartoli, Dean of the School of Diplomacy and well known authority on conflict resolution, will speak to the WBC/Micah group on the topic “Blessed are the Peacemakers; Our Obligations as Business Persons in a World at War.” We hope you can be with us at that time.

With all good wishes,

M. Therese Liddy and Wally Kennedy
Co-Directors, Micah Institute for Business and Economics
Center for Catholic Studies, Seton Hall University

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