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December 2014

Dear Micah/ WBC Friends,

This month's reading is brief, but quite impactful. The source is an article written by David Brooks for his New York Times column. The title is, "The Ambition Explosion."

In this piece Brooks writes about the contradiction of capitalism, i.e., "it arouses enormous ambition, but it doesn't help you define where you should focus it." To reinforce and illustrate his argument, two books that received acclaim are referenced.

Brooks summarizes his perspective by stating, "Capitalism on its own breeds people who are vaguely aware that they are not living the spiritually richest survive, capitalism needs to be embedded in a moral culture that sits in tension with it, and provides a scale of values based on moral and not monetary grounds."

I read this article when it was published. Brooks' opinion resonated with me as it identifies a need that Micah/WBC has been trying to fulfill for many years. I would love to hear your reactions to his viewpoint.

As we enter the closing weeks of Advent and prepare for the Nativity, may we all pause and recognize God's presence not only at the Incarnation, but in our daily lives. May your Christmas be blessed! Also, have a Happy New Year!

Wally Kennedy

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