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Alumni Mentors Continue to Have Positive Impact on CommArts Students  

alumniCHAMP (Communication Honors Alumni Mentor Program) kicked off its 9th year at the beginning of the Spring Semester with 47 participants. Students selected for the program have been paired with mentors from AIG, iHeartMedia, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Peoples Improv Theater, Stern Strategy Group, SHU Strategic Marketing, Johnson & Johnson, OpenEye Global, NBC TV, IPI Sports Group, Turner Broadcasting, Pfizer, Avon, Bloomberg TV, MTV, NJ Chamber of Commerce, and independent consultants with a history of accomplishments in various areas of communication.

Lisa Demytrk, a public relations major, is a 2016 CHAMP student. Below, she shares how the program impacted her college career.

Lisa D. The Communication Honors Alumni Mentorship Program really helped to shape my college career. I was a sophomore when I applied, and I was not expecting to get accepted since the program is typically geared for juniors and seniors. However, CHAMPS gave me a chance, and I will be forever grateful for that opportunity.

My mentor for the program was, and still is, the senior director of marketing at Seton Hall University's Public Relations and Marketing Department. It was a great experience working with her and I enjoyed my time with her very much. We ended up meeting about 15 times throughout the semester—way more than the required four meetings. We always had something to talk about and she would teach me something new at every meeting.

My mentor also helped me develop my resume and cover letter. In fact, I ended up using that same resume we created together to land a job working in the Public Relations and Marketing Department, and I am still working here! I get to write news stories on the accomplishments of fellow students, help pitch to the media and work on marketing projects. Every day I am gaining real-world experience that will certainly be relevant to my experiences after graduation. My mentor, who is now my supervisor, has greatly impacted my life and college career, and that is all thanks to the CHAMP Program.

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