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Seton Hall University

Highlights and Facts  

Career/Education Preparation

  • 5,364 students and alumni participated in more than 186 career programs (resume/interviewing, career education/assessment, networking forums and career fairs).
  • Over 3,000 individualized career advising/counseling sessions were held with 1666 students and alumni.

Career-based Experiential Education Participation

  • 81% of 2016 graduates had participated in a university-sponsored, career-based experiential education program (lnternship, Clinical, Practicum and/or Student Teaching).
  • The School of Diplomacy and International Relations, College of Education and Human Services, College of Nursing, Sport Management, and Management majors are required to complete internships to fulfill degree requirements.

lnternship Highlights

  • 86% of intern employers said that they would hire their intern for a full time job if circumstances permitted. 
  • Fourteen students were honored with Experiential Education Student Awards.
  • An intern course in the liberal arts was introduced to students in the liberal arts. 

Career Status of Graduates

  • Within six months of graduation, the career-related employment rate for 2016 graduates was 90%.
  • Average starting salary for 2016 baccalaureate graduates - $48,695
    (Nursing - $67,402; Business - $53,227, Education - $43,409, Diplomacy - $32,955, Arts and Sciences - $38,214).
  • The total acceptance rate for 2016 graduates who pursued graduate school was 99%.
    (Acceptance Rates: College of Arts and Sciences - 96%; College of Education and Human Services - 100%; Stillman School of Business - 91%; School of Diplomacy & International Relations - 100%; Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology - 100%).

Employer Recruitment

  • 459 organizations attended career recruiting events that included the On-Campus Interview Program and multi-school career fair collaborations.
  • Campus recruiting events targeted specific industries and included: the annual Science and Healthcare Professions Networking Forum, Nursing Career Fair, Communications Career Fair, Sports, Entertainment and Marketing Forum,  and our annual Fall and Spring Career Fairs. 
  • Multi-school collaborations included the Big East Networking forum held a Madison Square Garden in New York City and two virtual career fairs.
  • 113 organizations attended industry specific networking forums that were designed to increase students' networking, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • 37 organizations participated in The Career Center's On-Campus Interviewing Program.

Web Based Career Resources

Career resources include online career assessments, an online system that posts thousands of employment opportunities (part-time, internship and professional), web-based resume writing and interviewing practice and tutorials, and a variety of career research tools.


  • 1233 alumni represented their organizations at career fairs and networking forums and/or served as program presenters and on-campus interviewers.
  • The Career Center offers Alumni Navigator, a dedicated job board exclusively for Seton Hall alumni.
  • The Career Center manages an extensive alumni career mentor program (Pirate Mentors).
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