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NCAA Division 1 Varsity Sports


Going to a BIG EAST Conference university is not the same as going anywhere else. BIG EAST fever is intense, and, if you come to Seton Hall, you'll probably catch it.

Even if you don't know a handball from a hand-off, you'll be cheering your hears out when you attend any one of Seton Hall's athletic events. Tickets to most Seton Hall games are free to students, and the Seton Hall student rate for season tickets to Pirate men's basketball games is less than half the cost of tickets sold to the general public!


BIG EAST sports benefit the entire University. They bring national recognition, and they add to alumni spirit, involvement and commitment. Still, at Seton Hall, academics always come first. Our student-athletes learn to balance the demands of their sports with their classes and social lives -- they are committed to getting a solid education.

Thinking of playing intercollegiate sports?

Contact the athletic department to discover what they are seeking in the next class of Pirate athletes. Seton Hall athletic teams offer partial or full athletic scholarships to some or all of their athletes and each coaching staff, in consultation with the Athletic Director, determines the level of award to be offered to prospective student-athletes.  All NCAA intercollegiate athletes must be certified eligible for competition by the NCAA clearinghouse. 


At Seton Hall, we take the phrase “student athlete” seriously.  Did you know that Pirate athletes graduate at higher rates than the rest of the student body?  We are just as proud of our Academic All-Americans as we are of our national championship and numerous on-field honors our students win every year.  Pirate men and women athletes are held to the same high academic standards as all our students and spend countless hours on the road, studying to keep their GPA high and prepare for life after college.  We are very proud of the athletes who have gone on to the NBA, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer.  However, that is a road that only a few of our athletes take at the end of their careers at Seton Hall.  Most go on to graduate schools, professional schools and jobs after college.  Athletics helps to instill in them a strong sense of teamwork, self-confidence, discipline and time management – skills for success in any field.

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