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Leadership Development Student Interns with the Red Bulls Soccer Team  

soccerSenior Brian Bozzo, a marketing and public relations major, has found the perfect position to combine his passion for soccer and public relations by interning with the New York Red Bulls, a Major League Soccer team.

In his junior year, Bozzo applied for an internship with the Red Bulls after a professor connected him with an alumnus working at the organization. Fast forward a year or so later, and Bozzo is now enjoying his second internship with the team.

Initially he worked in the communication department, writing articles for the team's website, attending trainings and games, and managing the press box. This past summer he was hired for the Red Bull's game day communication staff, managing the press box and the media, as well as recording on-field videos for the team's Twitter feed. He also worked the Copa America Centenario, considered by many to be the biggest international tournament second to the World Cup. Bozzo said the experience taught him that "you always have to be professional and on your toes." For his current internship, he is working on the Red Bull's digital team, helping out with social media efforts, photo databases and the website.

He feels his coursework and experience working in the University's Public Relations and Marketing Department drafting news stories and press releases provided great training for the internship. "While working in the PR Department, I was thrown into the mix and gained a good feel for working with the media."

When not at his internship, Bozzo keeps busy as a member of the Leadership Development Honors Program, housed in the Gerald P. Buccino '63 Center for Leadership Development . The caliber of the Program, the students and the Center's director, Michael Reuter, were instrumental in his decision to attend the Stillman School of Business. "I met these awesome, smart kids and I knew they were the kinds of people I wanted to align myself with."

As a member of the Leadership Program, Bozzo has participated in study abroad trips to Lisbon, Portugal, during his freshman year and Dublin, Ireland, in his junior year. These exclusive 10-day excursions included meetings with foreign business professionals and cultural events. It was during his Lisbon trip, where soccer championships were being held at the time, that his love of soccer was strengthened. "I was blown away by the atmosphere. I'd never been to a European soccer game and that got me so into it. I started following soccer even more closely."

Bozzo also worked as an assistant to the host of WSOU's Saturday night hip-hop show during his freshman and sophomore years. "This was one of the most fun things I've done at Seton Hall. I gave up my Saturday nights, but it was worth it. It gave me a voice and a way to share my opinions about the music." Working at WSOU eventually led to him becoming a "campus influencer" for Spotify.

When asked about his future plans, Bozzo hopes to intern for FC Bayern-Munich, one of the top soccer clubs in the world, and pursue a full-time position with Red Bulls North America in Santa Monica, CA. "Soccer is an up and coming sport and I predict it will become more popular than baseball in the coming years."

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