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Planting Perennial Flowers for Peace  

Students planting perennial flowers on campus.Daffodil and tulip bulbs, in vibrant colors of red, white, yellow, pink and orange, were planted in front of Jubilee and the Chapel on a sunny afternoon on Wedensday, November 29th.

Students in two Environmental Studies classes (Permaculture Design and Intro to Environmental Studies) worked with Jeff Truskowski, Director of Grounds, designing perennial planting beds for flowers to sprout in early Spring every year.

Students from the Environmental Studies program planting flowers on campus for peace. A primary principle in Permaculture Design is to focus on perennial plants first and then inter-plant annuals within the perennial framework. Perennial plants are "lasting or existing for a long time, enduring, endless, everlasting." Plant them once, and they bloom every year, surviving our cold winters being dormant underground. The student gardeners are hoping for Peace on Earth to bloom as beautifully as these flowers will bloom in early Spring.

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