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College of Arts and Sciences Buccino Center for Leadership Development


The College of Arts and Sciences Leadership program draws upon the diverse traditions of the liberal arts to promote effective servant leadership through an emphasis on character development.


Our program seeks to cultivate in our students the specific affective and intellectual habits needed for true servant leadership. To this end, programming within the College of Arts and Sciences will help students recognize, develop, and reflect upon the following dimensions of personal and social responsibility and character:

  • a commitment to fostering social justice and the common good
  • a commitment to promoting human dignity and the care for one another and the environment
  • a commitment to valuing and celebrating the extraordinary diversity of the human community
  • a commitment to advancing values based inquiry in the humanities, social sciences, and the natural and mathematical sciences
  • a commitment to being attentive to the complex social contexts for effective servant leadership

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences Leadership program will be provided with opportunities to enhance their understandings and hone their practice of character in leadership through a variety of scholarly and academic opportunities followed by reflective exercises.

Dr. Christopher Kaiser
Associate Dean
Arts & Sciences Dean's Office
(973) 761-9430

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