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True Blue Program Celebrates Success, Names Student of the Year  

William Sayegh, '18 a Junior Biology/Pre-Med major, was named the Student of the Year. Throughout the course of the school year, the Student Alumni Association recognized True Blue students for their continued loyalty to the University. At their end of year celebration, William Sayegh was the named the True Blue Student of the Year. The award honors a True Blue student who embodies the mission of the recognition program and has made an impact on the Seton Hall community.

William J. Sayegh is a Junior Biology/Pre-Med major here at Seton Hall University. From Poughkeepsie, NY, William chose Seton Hall because of its close location to home, the biology program, and for its renowned alumni. As a PR/Historian for the American Chemical Society at Seton Hall, William tutors underclassmen in chemistry to help them learn the ins and outs of some of the hardest classes offered at Seton Hall and loves watching its students succeed. William credits his involvement in the Biology Society for helping him prepare for the MCAT and for allowing him to pursue his dreams of entering medical school. William also loves being a part of the rugby team because he loves the feeling of being a part of something bigger than himself. Speaking about the University William says, "Seton Hall has offered me so much, and I try my best to capitalize on any opportunity for success, which can be difficult seeing as Seton Hall always seems to have something new to offer. I am so happy being here."

True Blue recognizes alumni, students, parents, and friends who love Seton Hall and are active and engaged with the University each year. The four steps are to play an active role in the Seton Hall community, donate to Seton Hall, update your most recent contact information, and show your Pirate Pride! Working with the Seton Hall Student Alumni Association, the True Blue team has recruited more than 200 students to become True Blue this year. The True Blue team holds student donor reception events to thank students each semester and constantly works to build lifelong relationships between students and Seton Hall.

Founded in 2005, the Student Alumni Association (SAA) is an undergraduate organization that works in partnership with Seton Hall's Alumni Relations department. The group seeks to better the University community by fostering relationships between current students and graduates, fostering school spirit and educating undergraduate students about the benefits of a life-long relationship with Seton Hall University.

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