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Seton Hall University
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Our mission is to support your academic growth and professional development. Our faculty, deans and advisors are here to listen and provide guidance.

Advisor speaking with a student.The Advisor in All of Us: Week 2

In Class 4 Minutes – Help Your Students Own Their Advising  

By: Elven Riley
The number one impactful advising tool is a report that each of your students can review on their own laptop in your class in 4 minutes today. Read more »

Program Updates

New Graduate Programs (Catalogue year 2018-2019)

New Undergraduate Programs (Catalogue year 2018-2019)

New Certificate Programs (Catalogue year 2018-2019)

New Dual Degree Programs (Catalogue year 2018-2019)

  • BA/BS in Psychology/MS in Speech-Language Pathology
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