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Advisor speaking with a student.The Adviser in All of Us: Week 14

Academic Advising – No Valentine Card

By: Elven Riley

Not feeling the love in your classroom? No apples on the desk, no valentine cards last week? We are now closing in on the last day, Friday February 22, when a student may "withdraw" from a course without any approvals. Note, they will incur a WD for the course on their transcript and there are consequences, discussed below.

First, as we round the quarter-track post, some students have realized that your course is not what they had expected. We also can guess which are the few students that fall into this category by our realization they are not what we had expected either. Please take a moment in class, preferably as part of your official class activity or a class Blackboard announcement, to remind students that the last exit ramp before entering the express lane to final exam and grade is about to go flying by. Once we pass this last exit ramp, there are hurdles imposed to further discourage leaving the course just to avoid a GPA downdraft.

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